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Work Packages and timeframe

Work Package 1 deals with all the actions related to the coordination of the project activities and their management, addressing all administrative issues among the Consortium and the steering committee of the project.

Work Package 2 includes all the activities related to the exploitation, commercialization, dissemination and communication of the project results, including the strategies for the market penetration of the material and its commercial exploitation.

Work Package 3 deals with the preparation and testing of both natural and recycled aggregates. The recycled aggregates will be obtained from the residual concrete material from the transportation of concrete, as well as the construction and demolition waste deriving from HO’s other activities. Where necessary, material will be refined in a dry mill to produce the maximum grain sizes required for concrete mixtures. HO will obtain the natural fine and coarse aggregates from a local quarry.

Work Package 4 deals with the preparatory treatment of RCA and with the calculation of the appropriate amount of water that must be incorporated in mixtures for an effective IC mechanism.

Work Package 5 deals with the design of the concrete mixtures that will incorporate natural and recycled aggregates. A suitable method from the literature will be applied for the design of the mixtures.

Work Package 6 deals with concrete testing, which will take into account the two major areas of concrete behavior: the mechanical response and the durability properties. Further, the fresh concrete properties will be also investigated.

Work Package 7 a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will be performed, aiming to truly capture the technical, economic, and sustainability aspects of incorporating the, otherwise, waste materials that this project will be examining, into “green concrete”. Also, in this WP a techno-economic analysis which will finalize the business plan and the exploitation plan will be implemented.